Research into Action

Rooted in innovation and evaluation, Research into Action is an approach to school improvement that places practitioner research at the heart of the process. Recognising the need to start small, Research into Action recognises that school improvement is a complex problem, requiring ‘complex interventions’.

In a complex intervention, multiple strands of evidence-informed practice are combined so that the marginal gains arising from any one strand stack up and interact to produce a larger effect size overall.

In a 5-year study carried out by researchers from the University of Cambridge, our ‘complex interventions’ approach to school improvement led to significant gains in student attainment, and a closing of the attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their peers from 25% to 2% (Mannion & Mercer, Curriculum Journal, 2016).

Starting small: an example of how a complex intervention builds over time

Our acclaimed work with schools:

As well as the annual Research into Action package, we deliver standalone training sessions and workshops on the following themes. Scroll for details:

  • Metacognition across the curriculum
  • Self-regulation across the curriculum
  • Oracy across the curriculum
  • Effective feedback
  • Learning through philosophical enquiry
  • Cognitive science across the curriculum
  • Learning Skills lessons
  • Planning for transfer
  • Developing and embedding a whole-school language of learning
  • Thinking and reasoning skills
  • Students as researchers
  • How to run effective group work
  • Public speaking
  • Harness the power of debate
  • Practitioner research

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