The power of exploratory talk

A one-day workshop for pupils aged 8 to 18 

Teachers often ask their pupils to “discuss in pairs” or to engage in group work tasks. But often, pupils don’t know how to speak and listen effectively with one another.

In this practical workshop, pupils will learn a practical set of tools and techniques to endure that conversations among their peers are productive and can boost learning. In this practical session, pupils will learn how to create and embed the use of “discussion guidelines” to boost their learning through effective speaking and listening. This method transforms the quality of group interactions within the space of a single lesson – an essential part of any young person’s toolkit! Through this process, pupils develop a stronger sense of identity, and a stronger sense of confidence in themselves and in their ability to relate to others.

If you want to invest in your pupils’ future by helping them develop confidence in themselves and their ability to speak and listen effectively with their peers, this one-day workshop is the gift that will keep on giving!

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