In this episode, titans of education Mick Waters and Tim Brighouse talk about their sensational new book ‘About our schools: Improving on previous best’.

Here are some of the breathless reviews the book has received::

“You can hear the passion, the decency, the anger, the compassion, and the hope in this insider–outsider story about England’s education policy over the past 45 years… the most exciting and exacting book I have read in a long time.” (Professor John Hattie)

“It seems odd to refer to a book on education as a page-turner, but About Our Schools really is just that. Hardly surprising though, as it has been written by two of the greatest storytellers in the field, whose careers at the heart of the action mean that they know everyone and have a view on pretty much everything. They survey the past and critique current initiatives, always through the lens of the teacher and the child in the classroom. It’s full of anecdotes, balanced critiques and a surprisingly com- passionate appraisal of politicians. About Our Schools is a masterpiece, and I shall be returning to it again and again.” (Mary Myatt)

In this episode, Mick and Tim elaborate on their interviews with Secretaries of State from the last 45 years, and outline their vision for how we can improve on previous best and transition to an age of hope, optimism and collaborative partnerships.