The Rethinking Education Podcast

“Civilisation is in a race between education and catastrophe.” (HG Wells)

In this podcast, we take Wells at his word. Hosted by Dr James Mannion (UK), Rethinking Education features in-depth conversations with interesting people about how we might tweak the education system so as to avert catastrophe and transition to a more harmonious, peaceful, sustainable way of life.

If this sounds interesting to you, welcome to Rethinking Education: Education’s Critical Friend.

Episode #043: Jonny Hunt on Sex Ed for grown-ups: porn, consent – and the origin of the c-word…
Episode #042: Peter Gray on why coercive schooling is “immoral and unnecessary”
Episode #041: Emma Hardy MP on mental health, teacher retention and the power of oracy education
Episode #040: “We need to take the politics out of education”: Rachel Sylvester on the Times Education Commission
Episode #039: Introducing ‘Implementation Science for Schools’: an interview with Kate Barry and Elaine Long
Episode #038: Why we should all be profoundly concerned about the Schools Bill
Episode #037: Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters on 45 years of schools reform, and moving into an age of hope
Episode #036: Jon Hutchinson on knowledge, assessment – and how to disagree agreeably
Episode #035: Andy Sprakes on XP school: crew, compassion and changing the world (ft. Dec and Guraaj, Y10)
Episode #034: John Higgs on private schools, individualism and why the future starts here
Episode #033: Jay McTighe on how to ‘backward design’ educational nirvana
Episode #032: Warwick Mansell on academies, accountability and the absence of evidence in policymaking
Episode #031: Geraldine Rowe on collaborative decision-making and why coercion is bad for kids
Episode #030: Donald Clark on 2500 years of learning theory – from the Greeks to the Geeks
Episode #029: Adele Bates on self-care, self-regulation and dealing with challenging behaviour
Episode #028: Harry Fletcher-Wood on behavioural science, habit change and our failing public institutions
Episode #027: Professor Michael F.D. Young: From ‘Knowledge of the Powerful’ to ‘Powerful Knowledge’
Episode #026: Yumna Hussen and Lottie Cooke on Pupil Power, mental health and ableist attendance awards
Episode #025: Mary Helen Immordino-Yang on the neurobiological case for progressive education
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Episode #024: Rachel Lofthouse on exams, workload and the government’s assault on ITT providers
Episode #023: Dr Naomi Fisher on how schools can do more harm than good
Episode #022: Amelia Peterson on the purpose of schools in a changing world
Episode #021: Adam Boxer and Tom Sherrington on ‘bad trad and groovy prog’
Episode #020: Fran Morgan and Ellie Costello on speaking up for the many young people who struggle to attend school
Episode #019: Tom Sherrington on Rosenshine, behaviour and why we should stop grading schools
Episode #018: Kate McAllister, Kath Pratt, Hayley Peacock and Lucy Stephens on opening alternative schools
Episode #017: Naheeda Maharasingam on inequality, moral purpose and decolonising the curriculum
Episode #016: Guy Claxton on neotraditional myths
Episode #015: Kath Murdoch on planet earth, paradox and the power of inquiry
Episode #014: Rachel Macfarlane on Learning to Learn, Rethinking Assessment and Obstetrics for Schools
Episode #013: Ian Gilbert on climate change, neoliberalism and making children’s brains hurt
Episode #012: Adam Boxer on behaviour, workload and neotraditionalism
Episode #011: Ross McGill on Ofsted, EduTwitter and the trouble with academies
Episode #010: Tim Taylor on the power of the imagination
Episode #009: Kate McAllister on opening her dream school
Episode #008: Priya Lakhani on our ‘inadequate’ education system
Episode #007: Guy Claxton on learning to learn
Episode #006: Kulvarn Atwal on leading a ‘thinking school’
Episode #005: Ross McGill on chaos at the DfE
Episode #004: Ian Cunningham on why schools shouldn’t exist
Episode #003: Carl Rogers on significant learning
Episode #002: Ian Cunningham on self-managed learning
Episode #001: Debra Kidd on pedagogical activism