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The Rethinking Education Podcast

“Civilisation is in a race between education and catastrophe.” (HG Wells)

In this podcast, we take Wells at his word. Hosted by Dr James Mannion (UK), Rethinking Education features in-depth conversations with interesting people about how we might tweak the education system so as to avert catastrophe and transition to a more harmonious, peaceful, sustainable way of life.

If this sounds interesting to you, welcome to Rethinking Education: Education’s Critical Friend.

Episode #001: Debra Kidd on pedagogical activism
Episode #002: Ian Cunningham on self-managed learning
Episode #003: Carl Rogers on significant learning
Episode #004: Ian Cunningham on why schools shouldn’t exist
Episode #005: Ross McGill on chaos at the DfE
Episode #006: Kulvarn Atwal on leading a ‘thinking school’
Episode #007: Guy Claxton on learning to learn
Episode #008: Priya Lakhani on our ‘inadequate’ education system
Episode #009: Kate McAllister on opening her dream school
Episode #010: Tim Taylor on the power of the imagination
Episode #011: Ross McGill on Ofsted, EduTwitter and the trouble with academies