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“How can we implement a whole-school approach to teaching and learning that enables our students to become more confident, proactive, self-regulated learners?

Over the last ten years, we have worked to design, teach and evaluate a whole-school approach to teaching and learning known as the Learning Skills curriculum.

An 8-year evaluation carried out at the University of Cambridge found that Learning Skills led to significantly improved attainment across the curriculum, with accelerated gains among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We recently published a book, ‘Fear is the Mind Killer: Why Learning to Learn deserves lesson time – and how to make it work for your pupils’, which sets out how to implement a Learning Skills curriculum in detail. The feedback on the book has been absolutely phenomenal:

“One of the most original pieces I’ve encountered in a long time… elegantly sets out the case for Learning to Learn …highly recommended for everyone in education.” (Mary Myatt)

“I don’t know of any other book that provides such clear guidance on how to harness the common elements of learning across the curriculum. Highly recommended.” (Dylan Wiliam)

“Engagingly written and stylistically seamless… I found it not only informative, but it filled me with hope.” (Sue Gerrard)

See here to read all the nice things people have said about the book. You can buy a copy here (John Catt) or here (Amazon).

We now work with schools all over the world to help implement Learning Skills curricula that are bespoke to each setting. We have bases in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, and we work across all sectors (mainstream, independent, alternative).

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