An annual programme for senior and middle leaders

“If professional development means getting *even better* at what we do… how can we even *know* whether we’re getting better, in the absence of some form of systematic inquiry?”

In recent years, schools have become increasingly engaged with education research in an attempt to become more evidence-informed. However, many schools are finding that engaging with research is harder than it sounds. In fact, a troubling finding from education research suggests that even when schools implement one of education’s ‘best bets’ such as a new feedback intervention, there’s around a one in three chance they will be making things worse. This is known as ‘the Bananarama effect’ – as in ‘it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it: that’s what gets results!’ The question is: in the absence of some form of systematic inquiry, how can schools know whether a particular aspect of school life is helping improve outcomes, having zero impact – or making things worse?

At this special one-day event for school leaders, you will learn how to carry out a systematic professional inquiry, including writing laser-focused research questions, the importance of effective implementation, and practical strategies for collecting and analysing data.

Don’t miss out on this intensive one-day deep dive into action research: an essential tool for any school leader seeking credible evidence of school improvement.

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