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What’s the ‘science of implementation’?

School leaders face a huge problem that people don’t often talk about: the vast majority of school improvement initiatives fail to bring about lasting, positive change. That’s mainly because school leaders aren’t taught how to do it. But we’re in luck.

In recent years, a new field of study has emerged – the science of implementation – which is the study of how to bring about lasting positive change in real-world contexts. So far, implementation science has mainly been focused on the field of healthcare. Now, Rethinking Education has created an ‘implementation science’ training programme for teachers and school leaders.

What’s the ‘science of implementation’ training course?

Three years ago, Dr James Mannion – the Director of Rethinking Education – created the first version of the ‘Implementation Science for Schools’ (ISS) toolkit. We have now run this training with hundreds of schools, all over the world. And as you can see in the testimonial videos below – the feedback has been phenomenal. To hear extended testimonials from Kate Barry and Elaine Long – two senior leaders who took part in the pilot programme – see here (40-min video) and here (the first hour of a 3h podcast).

To scale up this powerful approach to change management in a way that is cost-effective for schools, we have now created an online version of the ISS toolkit. It comprises four elements:

  1. 23 videos (total running time: 4h45m)
  2. A playbook (180 pages) with activities to accompany each video, designed to help you apply the ideas to your context
  3. An implementation planning template (30 pages)
  4. The ISS Mighty Network (a global community of teachers and school leaders with a shared interest in effective change management)
How much does it cost, and how can I get started?

It will always be free to be a member of the ISS Mighty Network. Here, you can access a free 10-part taster course. We also offer schools the opportunity to access the full paid version of the ISS course on an annual subscription basis. We operate a sliding scale of fees affording to the size of your school. And we’re currently offering a 50% discount to the first 50 ‘early adopter’ schools to subscribe.

To access our free 10-part taster course, visit

To find out more, click here to download a 4-page flyer, including our pricing structure.


How did you find the ‘Science of Implementation’ training? (Al Kennedy, Headmaster)

“What will you do differently following the ‘Science of Implementation’ training?” (Amy Cooper, Director, Teaching & Learning)

“What was your key take-away from the ‘Science of Implementation’ training?” (Kate Barry, Assistant Head, Leadership)

“What was your key take-away from the ‘Science of Implementation’ training?” (Amy Cooper, Director, Teaching & Learning)

“How did you find the ‘Science of Implementation’ training?” (Sara Ward, Deputy Head, Pastoral)

“What was your key takeaway from the ‘Science of Implementation’ training?” (Al Kennedy, Headmaster)